The Abstracted Figure


Shadows are grey, right?


Shadows are blue, violet, turquoise.

Shadows have auras.

Turquoise shadows have yellow auras; violet shadows have blue auras.

To look at a shadow, really look at a shadow, is to go on a trip.

And what of those other shadows? The distorted ones that we trail around behind us and try to shake off in confessionals and therapy sessions, the ones that always get in our way of truly clear perception? What of them?

It was with these thoughts that I embarked on the series of the shadow – the shadow as an abstracted figure.

‘The Innocents’ is a maverick work, in as far as it is a one-off, inspired after a visit to Peru, and not really belonging to any of my genres of work. I include it here, because there the figures are not truly figurative. The small figures of a man and a woman are copies of figurines that I saw in the Museum of Gold in Lima. It was their charm and apparent innocence that most impressed me. The painting is a sorrowful contemplation of the clash of cultures that occurs whenever a conquering power forcefully overturns an indigenous way of life.

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