Figurative Paintings


Light water

swept away

I have always found drawing and painting the figure to be a great challenge despite the fact that it was life drawing that projected me into life as an artist.

Every time I start work on the figure I do so with great trepidation. For this very reason I have tended to avoid making work based on the figure, apart from life drawing sessions that I embark on in the spirit of ‘scale practice’, a tactic that seems to defuse that charge of anxiety.

The ‘Swept Away’ series was based on an experience that I had during a long stay in Cochin, Kerala. Each morning I would watch my neighbour as she swept her humble back yard. She seemed to embody an intangible, almost holy, being and brought elegance and contemplation to a routine task that imbued the space with her grace. It was something that I wanted to honour and to remember.

The ‘Light Water’ figures came about when I took part in a group exhibition based on the body in water. Although the impetus had originally been the play of light on the figure in water, what impressed me more were the way it floats weightlessly there. The curious colours were inspired by thoughts of brightly coloured sea and coral life.

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