I grew up as a child of Nature, running free in East Africa. A house was where you ate and slept. Life was lived in the outdoors and in the sea. So the Land, the Sea and the Life that inhabits them are what have meaning for me.

I fell in love with oil paint as a child of about 10. That first oil painting celebrated my experience of the dawn light rising up behind the Usambara Mountains in Tanganyika (Tanzania). Every time I had seen it – and I saw it often – I had been enthralled.

But it was only once my children had left home that I was able to really fulfill my passion to work as an artist. It began with A Level Art at the local Secondary School in Dorset where I was living by then and progressed, much to my own astonishment, to a Creative Arts Degree (Art and Creative Writing) a few years later, in 2001, from Bath Spa University College.

That was followed by a Fellowship in Stone Lithography and then a Postgraduate Diploma at the Cyprus College of Art.

Cyprus has a way of working its seductive magic on a person, and I found myself still living and working there eleven years later until family circumstances brought me to another romantic Mediterranean island, Ibiza.

I am a Work in Progress.

In previous pre-artist lives I ran my own Homeopathic practice in Dorset, England for 16 years; was married; had children; lived, worked and travelled across five continents and have been variously employed in journalism, freelance writing, publishing and teaching. I still write and teach alongside my own artistic activity.

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