‘A Good Traveller has no Fixed Plans and is Not Intent on Arriving,’

(Lao Tzu)
Do you want to touch base again with your Creative Self?

I specialise in re-connecting people with something long forgotten – the creative child within.

In my workshops and classes there are no failures. There are only explorations. Some of them are more satisfying than others. Some of them lead to other things – things we want to evolve and turn into something else.
We become good travellers. We lose track of time. We learn to Wonder and to Play again. We learn to let go of Expectations and to revel in Discovery.

While the Banyan Tree Art Studio is currently looking for new premises, I can still offer art sessions to individuals and small groups of all ages.

For adults I have hosted workshops in the specific techniques of  Chinese Relief Printmaking, Collography and Monoprinting, as well as more open-ended workshops in Exploring Creativity, Mixed Media and Intuitive Painting.

Children of all ages (from as young as one) have enjoyed painting and printing at the studio. We have painted and drawn, created masks,  pop-up cards, painted plaques, made sun-catchers explored printmaking, and created personalised tote bags and backpacks with paint, print and stitching.

To subscribe for news of upcoming events and workshops, just add your name and email address. If you would like to arrange individual or group sessions, please contact me by phone, email or on Facebook.

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