Art continues to delight and fascinate. The excitement of exploring a new technique, a new medium, a new subject is constantly being renewed by fresh encounters. Being a late starter, I discover, is an advantage - there is so much catching up to do that I constantly feel like a child that has been let loose in a sweet shop.

What do I paint? It changes; evolves; develops from a new experience or thought or visual impulse or chance discovery. It might emerge from an inner urge to express my response to something that I have seen or to face a new challenge - such as the figure. It might simply spring from the need to find a way of earning money. Always, though, it becomes totally absorbing. And this, I think, is probably fundamentally the key to my work - to become so wrapped up in the moment that everything else falls away. That moment is constantly recurring - it is the moment that a thing first impresses me; it is the moment that I start to work with it; it is the moment the pencil or the brush makes a mark on the paper or canvas, it is the moment I am excited by the juxtaposition of two colours......and so it goes on.

Cyprus is a constant source of inspiration, as are my travels. Painting on driftwood that washes ashore in abundance here in Cyprus has opened a new chapter: inspiration drawn from the intriguing shapes and an art form that is as old as time itself. The complex geology of the island that offers such a range of earth colours is another source of inspiration. A trip to Hawaii yielded another unexpected source of inspiration in the many shapes and colours of frangipani flower I saw there. Doubtless influences from the art I saw in Thailand and Vietnam will eventually creep in....and so it goes on - a never-ending journey that currently begins and ends at my Studio in Limassol, Cyprus.